maandag 10 mei 2010

Anna Karina


I'd like to introduce you to my longtime icon in everything she did : Anna Karina.
No, I'm not going to describe you her life, because I like to do so correctly and unfortunately, I'm too lazy right now. (:
So you know, google it or we'll get together to discuss this o-so-fine lady with a cup of tea on a sunny afternoon.
The thing is, I recently got in contact with Polyvore and I made Anna 3 outfits : one she'd wear buying herself a bread on a sunday morning in October, one she's wear going to a festival in one of Paris's gardens and an outfit she'd wear accepting an award on a European, Indie festival.

1 opmerking:

  1. ah, anna karina! love, love, love her!

    you nailed it here with these picks- especially the red tights...definitely very "anna".

    by the way, have you seen our anna tee?

    yup...we love her that much!